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Due to our production system, in protected crops, and to the great experience gained in preservation we can have pumpkins available from June to February.
The most used agricultural areas are those between Nocera and Scafati (Campania-Italy) particularly suited for the production of “Long of Naples squash” typical variety growing in South Italy.
From March to May we refer to the productions of South America and North Africa from where we import only selected product of high quality according to our criteria.
The main sales channels are the Agro-alimentary centers, Supermarket and industry.

The Field

We take care of the pumpkins quality starting from the selection of the most suitable areas for their production.
Over the years, we have obtained several varieties that meet both the climatic conditions of the area and the needs of the market that requires a product that can be stored longer as possible.
The seed selection, the choice of the territories, the program of fertilization and preservation, are our main stages to achieve a final result: a more consistent product with hard coloured pulp and longer “shelf-life” after the packaging in trays.



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