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Cucurbita Moschata

Muscat de Provence (Fairytale Squash)

Typical pumpkinof Provence region in southern France.
The shape is flattened with a weight range between 6 and 20 kg. Excellent shelf life throughout the winter. Thanks to our selection and the results of our research it is our main product.

Cucurbitaceae Family

zucca lunga di napoli 2
We have five kinds of pumpkins in botany:
- Cucurbita Maxima
- Cucurbita Moschata
- Cucurbita Pepo
- Cucurbita Argyrosperma
- Lagenaria Siceraria
Basically they can be divided into Zucchini Pumpkins and winter Pumpkins (Squash)..
The zucchini pumpkin belongs to the kind Cucurbita Pepo, we eat the tender fruit (no mature) and the masculine flowers.
The winter pumpkins belong to the kinds Cucurbita maxima and Cucurbita moscata. The first variedly has spheroidal fruits with variously colored peel with sweet yellow pulp.
The Cucurbita moscata is differ from the Maxima because of the lengthened fruit and consistent orange pulp.

Italian Muscat de Provence


Argentine Muscat de Provence


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